Media Release

Scroll, Click, Inform - 1stRiadaHeadline adds news to your web site!

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA -- May 30th, 2000 (INB) --

Riada International proudly announces the release of version 1.12 of the popular 1stRiadaHeadline. Whether you're an online newspaper or creating your first web page, 1stRiadaHeadline makes providing dynamic information and building visitor loyalty, easy.

1stRiadaHeadline enables the creation of unique projects each and every time with it's huge choice of scrolling, fading and text styles, while differentiating your pages with a range of features not found in other products, including full justification and scroll buttons. By adding images such as logos and animations to headlines, as well as background images and foreground masks, 1stRiadaHeadline projects are flawlessly incorporated into your pages.

Avoid out of date headlines by selecting when they are displayed, when they should expire and by displaying dynamic date/time elements. And for frequently changing web sites, update headlines from server files, saving time and effort.

1stRiadaHeadline's professional results have made it popular with web designers and their customers, while its ease of use has made it a big hit with novices. Thanks to its unique design environment and pre-emptive help, you'll have headlines on your site within minutes without any HTML or Java editing. Just create your headlines, preview within the environment and upload!

1stRiadaHeadline is free and can be used without time restrictions while displaying a Riada advertisement. This advertisement can be removed by purchasing either a Standard Domain Registration for $39AUD (approx. $22US) or an Unlimited Domain Registration for $74AUD (approx. $42US). Projects produced with 1stRiadaHeadline require a Java enabled browser. 1stRiadaHeadline's design system requires Windows 95/98/NT, 8Mb RAM and 3 Mb free hard disk space.

Additional information about this product is available at: (US) (Australia) (UK)

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