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New RiadaForm makes implementing feedback forms a breeze

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA --November 28th, 1997 (INB) --

Hot on the heels of their latest product successes, Riada announces the release of another Java based web tool, RiadaForm. Now anyone can quickly and easily design professional looking web forms without any grueling Java or CGI programming - the only limit is your imagination!

Within minutes the web developer can create feedback forms, order forms, surveys, support request forms and much more. Using RiadaForm’s intuitive Windows based interface, you simply insert the fields that will appear in your form and specify an email address the data will be submitted to. Quickly and simply - it’s that easy!

And what’s even better is the ability to send a confirmation email to the visitor who fills out your form, giving a professional touch to your site. You can easily specify which field contains their email, and insert any text field such as their name directly into the message that is sent to them.

"The overwhelming positive feedback Riada is receiving from users of our products, premier Java sites, software reviewers and the internet community, is confirmation that Riada is hitting the target with these products" said Riada founder, Daniel Adair. "At Riada, we needed a simple tool such as RiadaForm for our own web sites, so we were confident that there was a real need out there form something like this".

Labels, text, buttons, check boxes, and lists are just some of the fields to choose from. Text fields can contain simple validations, such as email, monetary and credit card numbers, which help ensure the data has been entered correctly.

RiadaForm is FREE and displays embedded Riada messages and a Riada button. To remove these features, RiadaForm can be purchased for $24AUD (approx. $16US). RiadaForm’s design environment requires Windows 95, 8 Mb RAM and 3 Mb free hard disk space. Projects produced with RiadaForm require a Java enabled browser.

Additional information about this product is available at: (US) (Australia)

Riada is an Australian based software business which is committed to developing easy-to-use and affordable, high quality web software tools, and have quickly gained a reputation amongst the online community for excellent customer service. Riada's first web development tool, RiadaCartel 1.0, was released in October, 1996.

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