Media Release

Beat ineffective banners with 1stRiadaBillboard

Riada International proudly announces the release of version 1.11 of 1stRiadaBillboard. Whether you're running a professional advertising campaign or promoting your first web page, 1stRiadaBillboard rotates banners and effectively attracts and retains your visitors’ attention, while avoiding stale advertisements and banners.

The falling effectiveness and click through rates of traditional banner advertisements means it’s more important than ever to ensure your banners are getting noticed. 1stRiadaBillboard draws attention to banners, with a selection of over 20 fade, checker and swipe transitions to display between banners. As well as transitions, the huge variety of border styles, colors and animated images means that banners won’t disappear into the background.

If you’ve ever run promotions, you’ll know the importance of ensuring that banners are displayed at the right time, and stop when the promotion is over. Using 1stRiadaBillboard’s conditions to set the start and stop date for each banner takes the pressure out of updating pages, and reduces the risk of embarrassing mistakes when the promotion finishes. And with 1stRiadaBillboard’s file feature, you can quickly and easily change banners without having to update pages each time promotions change.

Whether you’re a professional or a novice, 1stRiadaBillboard’s intuitive design environment means you can meet deadlines and respond to changing promotion opportunities without having to start from scratch each time. And in minutes you can create new projects or repeat successful ones, without Java or HTML programming.

1stRiadaBillboard is free and can be used without time restrictions while displaying a Riada advertisement. This advertisement can be removed by purchasing either a Standard Domain Registration for $39AUD (approx. $22US) or an Unlimited Domain Registration for $74AUD (approx. $42US). Projects produced with 1stRiadaBillboard require a Java enabled browser. 1stRiadaBillboard's design system requires Windows 95/98/NT, 8Mb RAM and 3 Mb free hard disk space.

Additional information about this product is available at: (US) (Australia) (UK)

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