Media Release

Melt Away Boring Web Sites With 1stRiadaMelt!


The new version of 1stRiadaMelt web software has been released by Riada International. Whether you're promoting a new movie, service or simply highlighting your company name and logo, you'll have professional results in minutes with 1stRiadaMelt huge range of dynamic text effects, transitions and colors. You can even create your own effects! Ripple, slink and melt your text horizontally or vertically through all the amazing colors of the rainbow. Total design control is in your hands with speed, pause, border styles and other attributes for perfect effects and integration into your web site.

You can even incorporate logos and other images for really impressive results, and all images can be animated and used as a background or foreground mask.

Use the Dynamic Text to embed the date and time into melts, and keep them up to date, by choosing on which days to display melts and when they should expire. If your melts change often, save even more time and effort by dynamically updating them with a file from your server.

1stRiadaMelt's intuitive design environment means you can easily create projects with just a click of a button, without complicated editing of HTML parameters, and context sensitive Help is displayed to guide you while you work.

1stRiadaMelt is free for use on a single unique domain while displaying an embedded Riada advertisement. To remove the advertisement, a Standard Domain Registration License can be purchased for $29AUD (approx. $19US) and used on up to 5 unique domains. Or an Unlimited Domain Registration License can be purchased for $53AUD (approx. $34US) and used on as many domains as you like. Projects produced with 1stRiadaMelt require a Java enabled browser. 1stRiadaMelt's design system requires Windows 95/98/NT, 8 Mb RAM and 3 Mb free hard disk space.

Additional information about this product is available at: (US) (Australia)

Riada International Pty Ltd is an Australian based company which is committed to developing easy-to-use and affordable, high quality web tools, and has gained a reputation amongst the online community for excellent customer service. Riada International products include 1stRiadaHeadline (scrolling headlines, news), 1stRiadaBillboard (advertisements, images, banners, billboards), RiadaButton (dynamic web page buttons), RiadaForm (feedback, order forms), RiadaLock (password protection for web sites), RiadaCartel (animated LED banners/marquees), RiadaVivo (animation), RiadaLinx (link validation and maintenance).