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Riada Announces RiadaCartel

The easy way to add stunning animated signs to Web pages

Melbourne - October 21, 1996 - Riada today announces RiadaCartel, the first product based on it’s exciting new technology, Rio (Riada Internet Objects). RiadaCartel allows Web page designers to easily add dynamic and stunning animated LED and LCD signs to their Web pages, providing advertising, information, instructions or even user interaction, without learning Java or HTML code. All this is supplied with eye catching and attention grabbing effects such as scrolls, swipes, blinking, rainbow effects, colors, etc.

Imaginative signs with complex messages can be produced in only minutes, using RiadaCartel’s easy to use Wizard, which does all the hard work.

"We see RiadaCartel as an important breakthrough in allowing people to add stimulating and professional content to their pages, without first having to get a degree in computer science" said Daniel Adair, founder of Riada. "The Internet is quickly becoming a place where anyone with something to say can publish and add content. Forcing them to learn technically intensive, outdated tools only gets in the way of providing that content."

But RiadaCartel goes much further than just another traditional Java applet. Because it uses the new Rio technology, Web page designers can easily introduce interaction into their Web pages, that until now was impossible, or extremely complicated. Incorporating audio, timers, user interaction, expression evaluation, reading dynamic data from the host server to display as messages, can all be achieved by using RiadaCartel’s flowcharting features. With these features, you simply drag and drop actions onto events to greatly extend the capabilities of your project.

Using Rio as a base technology means that it is possible to have multiple projects that use Rio communicate or appear as one entity, which provides a high level of symbiosis. For example, using these features you could have a group of projects on your Web page provide a wall of stock market prices. And because RiadaCartel uses Rio, you can have your RiadaCartel project control other products using Rio on the same Web page, or vice versa. Additional products using Rio technology are due for release soon.

RiadaCartel runs on Microsoft Windows 95 and requires 3 Mb hard disk space. Projects produced with RiadaCartel will run on all Java enabled browsers. RiadaCartel can be purchased for $37 AUD, or $23 AUD if the Promotional Price Reduction is used, but can be tried free for 14 days.

Riada is a new business venture which is currently specializing in producing high quality, easy to use Internet related software products. For additional comments or information contact Riada at:
fax: +1 (419) 858 6042

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