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Riada Announces Rio

Riada Internet Objects

Melbourne - October 21, 1996 - Rio is a fantastic new Java based technology developed by Riada which gives extended flexibility and power to Web pages, that until now, has not been available to Web designers without learning to program using complicated Java code. Rio stands for Riada Internet Objects, and that is exactly what products including Rio are: self contained objects operating across the Internet on your Web page, making Web pages spring to life!

Rio has been designed so that products incorporating Rio technology contain a common set of features and capabilities, such as the ability to dynamically control audio, output, timers, expressions, reading files, jumping to Web pages, etc. All these abilities can be initiated by user interaction or system events such as mouse events, timer events, etc.

In addition, these products exhibit specialized capabilities, yet still incorporate the basic Rio functionality, providing objects that are powerful and display behavior that is unique to each product.

One of the great advantages of products that use Rio, is their ability to communicate and control multiple Rio objects on the one Web page. For example, when the user clicks on an object on a Web page, it can instruct another object to initiate a sequence of actions.

But Rio technology goes further than this. Products using Rio are complete applications, providing an environment which greatly simplifies the creation of objects that enhance and enliven Web pages. The design environment for each product that uses Rio technology is almost identical from product to product, allowing users easy migration to each.

All products using Rio provide a Wizard, which can generate a complete project within minutes, containing all the essential ingredients while generating the HTML code for you.

But the real power of Rio appears when you start visually programming. By dragging actions and attaching them to events, you can create a flowchart which describes a sequence of actions that your project will follow when a given event occurs.

Riada is a new business venture which is currently specializing in producing high quality, easy to use Internet related software products. For additional comments or information contact Riada at:
fax: +1 (419) 858 6042

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