Media Release

New RiadaBillboard brings the glamour of Broadway, Las Vegas and Tokyo to your web site for FREE

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA -- October 17th, 1997 (INB) --

New products just keep arriving from Australian based Riada with the release of it's newest web tool, RiadaBillboard. Now anyone can easily become an advertising mogul on their own site by using Java based RiadaBillboard and it's Windows 95 design environment. Without fuss or a budget, display advertisements, billboards and banners with over 20 eye catching transitions.

Save valuable wasted web space by combining your current banners using RiadaBillboard which only uses the space required for a single banner, with a transition between each. When billboards need to be updated, RiadaBillboard's design environment makes editing HTML or Java parameters a thing of the past.

"Riada continues it's commitment to helping people add value to their web sites with the release of another easy to use, free product", said Riada founder Daniel Adair, "At Riada we are extremely excited by giving away free tools which allow people to quickly add content and functionality to their web sites."

RiadaBillboard includes over 20 sizzling transitions, such as fades, checkers scrolls and even random transitions. All these are easily specified using the RiadaBillboard design environment. No HTML editing required, just select each billboard, and click to specify the transition. It's that simple!

And if your billboards and banners change frequently, you'll appreciate the fact that RiadaBillboard can generate input files. This means you don't have to modify your page every time a billboard needs to be changed - just upload the input file, and it's done!

RiadaBillboard is free and displays embedded Riada billboards. To remove these billboards, RiadaBillboard can be purchased for $18AUD (approx. $13US). RiadaBillboard's design environment requires Windows 95, 8 Mb RAM and 3 Mb free hard disk space. Projects produced with RiadaBillboard require a Java enabled browser.

Additional information about this product is available at: (US) (Australia)

Riada is an Australian based software business which is committed to developing easy-to-use and affordable, high quality web software tools, and have quickly gained a reputation amongst the online community for excellent customer service. Riada's first web development tool, RiadaCartel 1.0, was released in October, 1996.

Riada makes Java multimedia easy!