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Memories can be shared - Skrappy 1.2 Scrapbook and Photo Album for iPad


Melbourne, Australia - Riada is today pleased to announce the availability of version 1.2 of Skrappy for iPad. Skrappy is the fun and easy way to make beautiful photo albums and scrapbooks using music, movies, voice memos, web pages, text and photos.

Version 1.2 adds many new features and enhancements, such as printing, layer navigator, scrapbook and object locking.

"We are very excited with this update to Skrappy. It adds a range of new features which brings Skrappy closer to our vision of what a full multimedia digital scrapbooking experience on iPad should be", said Daniel Adair, Riada's CEO. "We truly believe there is nothing else like Skrappy available for iPad that enables people to create beautiful albums and books of their memories, not just from their photos, but their music, videos, web sites and voice memos".

With Skrappy you can change borders, crop shapes, fills, shadows, and much more. Text can even be added to objects like movies, using in-place multi-line text editing.

Additional clip art or backgrounds can be added using the built-in web browser to search for images, then tapping and holding to add to pages.

Scrapbooks can be viewed by swiping to flip through pages, while movies, music and voice memos play automatically.

Getting started quickly
* Choose from themes including Photo Album, Traveller, Romance, Recipes and more.
* Use placeholder buttons to quickly add content to scrapbooks created from themes.
* Design custom themes for personal use or share with friends.

Page navigating and scrapbook viewing
* Flip through pages like a book by swiping, or jump to any page using the Page Navigator.
* Add, copy, paste or delete pages from the Page Navigator, even from different scrapbooks.
* Reorder pages by dragging in the Page Navigator.
* Lock scrapbooks into display mode.

* Arrange objects by dragging, resizing or rotating, or cut, copy and paste between pages or scrapbooks.
* Reorder layers by dragging in the Layer Navigator, or lock to prevent accidental edits.
* Crop and mask objects to shapes such as squares, circles, arrows, hearts and more.
* Full undo and redo.
* Horizontally or vertically flip images and clip art.
* Fill shape objects with colors, gradients or textures.
* Set object properties such as borders, shadows, opacity and fonts.
* Add text to objects using in-place text editing with properties such as alignment, margins, fonts and colors.
* Choose page backgrounds using theme or built-in backgrounds, photos stored on the device or images from the web.
* Horizontally or vertically flip background images.
* Snap to guides at 10%, center and edges.

* Include movies and voice memos.
* Add music including album artwork from your iTunes music library.
* Include web pages that open using the built-in browser or Safari.
* Add clip art from the included library or images from the web.
* Start multimedia objects automatically on page turns, or by tapping them.

Sharing and printing
* Share scrapbooks by exporting them in Skrappy or PDF format and share via email or iTunes File Sharing
* Print complete scrapbooks or page ranges.

Skrappy 1.2 adds several new features and improvements:
* Added scrapbook locking (display mode)
* Added object locking
* Added Layer Navigator
* Added printing
* Added copy, paste and delete of pages to Page Navigator
* Moved page deletion to Page Navigator
* Added horizontal and vertical object image and clip art flipping
* Added horizontal and vertical background flipping
* Added tool hiding/showing by tapping bottom of page
* Added option to reinstall 'Getting Started' sample
* Added cropping for clip art in addition to photos
* Reduced app distribution size
* Reduced and optimized scrapbook size
* Improved and fixed gesture and selection handling
* Improved importing and selecting of images from the web
* Fixed cropping issues
* Fixed shadow placement in PDF export
* Improved stability

Pricing and Availability:
Skrappy 1.0 is $3.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category.

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iOS 4.2 or later
* 28.0 MB

Skrappy 1.2:
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