Media Release

Riada Releases New Java-based Multimedia Design Tools

--Fast, easy, professional animations, buttons and banners

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA -- June 4, 1997 (INB) -- Strengthening the growing wave of small, successful Australian software companies on the Internet, Riada announces the official release of two new Java(TM) tools, RiadaVivo and RiadaAttivo, and the release of version 1.1 upgrade of RiadaCartel. These powerful products, among the most flexible available, enable anyone to add dynamic, sophisticated multimedia features to Web pages --quickly, simply and affordably.

"Each of these products utilize our Rio (Riada Internet Objects) technology, that allows designers to easily create web sites full of action, sound, animation and more, without having to learn complicated Java code," said company founder Daniel Adair. "Our new suite of tools provides great Web design flexibility, and gives anyone the ability to express their creativity with fun, colorful, action-packed pages." Find more information about Rio at

--RiadaVivo Adds Animation in Minutes--

RiadaVivo allows users to quickly create dynamic, professional animation incorporating existing GIF and JPEG files, with unlimited paths, audio and jumps to other pages. The designer can dynamically control which frames are displayed, the speed at which they are shown, and various paths for the animation to follow. Advanced features, available in all Riada Rio-based products, include user interaction, audio control, conditional execution, expression evaluation, timers, pauses, server file reading and more.

--RiadaAttivo Creates Dynamic, Interactive Buttons - Fast--

RiadaAttivo's easy Wizard allows users to create varied, clever buttons in minutes, with text, colors, images, pop-up lists and jumps to other pages. They can implement advanced features, such as having multiple Rio-based Riada products communicate with and control each other, by simply dragging desired actions and attaching them to specified events such as mouse clicks. Other advanced features include the ability to change multiple visual elements (image, text) during button mouse-overs, and displaying messages on the browser status bar or in pop-up boxes.

--LED and LCD Banners Come to Life with RiadaCartel 1.1--

RiadaCartel 1.1 lets users create animated LED and LCD banners that scroll, swipe, blink, invert, dissolve and more. With a few mouse clicks, the Wizard can change the style, color and edge placement of borders.

One of RiadaCartel's advanced features, the ability to read messages from server files, enables banners to embed current time and date, and to display news of the day, price changes, user instructions, rotating advertising messages, etc.

--Shared Features--

Most Web design tools are geared either for experienced programmers *or* beginners. Riada's Rio-based products are unique in their ability to serve both groups equally well.

Each product has an easy-to-use Wizard that simplifies the design process, and allows even beginners to produce sophisticated-looking animations, buttons and banners.

In Design View, users add advanced features through easy drag and drop visual programming. By simply dragging a desired Action, and dropping it onto the Event he or she is working on, the user creates a sophisticated flowchart of Actions to follow when the Event is initiated. Events include user interaction (e.g. mouse clicks and mouse-overs) and system triggers (e.g. timers).

All products can interact with, and control, other Rio-based products on the same page.

--Competitive Pricing--

Each Riada product costs approximately $23 US ($30 Australian), but is also available for a promotional price of approximately $18 US ($23 Australian). Get complete details at the site.

Additional information about all Riada products is available at

Riada is an Australia-based software design firm which is committed to developing easy-to-use, high quality Web software tools. Riada's first Web development tool, RiadaCartel 1.0, was released in October, 1996.

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