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Extra! Extra! Hot off the press, RiadaHeadline adds news to your web site

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA -- October 3rd, 1997 (INB) -- Australian based Riada Software today adds another product, RiadaHeadline to its growing range of exciting internet products. Using Java based RiadaHeadline, and its Windows 95 design environment, anyone can now incorporate dynamic headlines on their web sites without fuss or a budget.

Keeping visitors returning to your site and up to date with information has never been simpler. When headlines need to be updated, RiadaHeadline's design environment makes editing HTML or Java parameters a thing of the past.

"Every product in our range of internet software is specifically designed to allow users new to the net to easily, quickly and cheaply add content to their pages, while helping achieve repeat visits for users of our products", said Riada founder Daniel Adair, "And with RiadaHeadline, we have gone one step further and produced software with a price that everyone can afford - its FREE!"

RiadaHeadline displays information in a variety of styles and there's no worries about headlines that are out of date. RiadaHeadline removes them for you. Simply choose on which days to display headlines, and what date they should expire, or dynamically update them with a file from the server.

Information can be made timely by embedding the current date and time, then previewing your headlines inside the environment.

RiadaHeadline is free while displaying an embedded Riada headline. To remove this headline, users can purchase the product for $20AUD (approx. $15US). RiadaHeadline design system requires Windows 95, 8 Mb RAM and 3 Mb free hard disk space. Projects produced with RiadaHeadline require a Java enabled browser.

Additional information about this product is available at: (US) (Australia)

Riada is an Australian based software business which is committed to developing easy-to-use and affordable, high quality web software tools, and have quickly gained a reputation amongst the online community for excellent customer service. Riada's first web development tool, RiadaCartel 1.0, was released in October, 1996.

Riada makes Java multimedia easy!

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