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Riada Announces Aphonium for iPad

Melbourne, Australia - Riada has announced that aphonium, a new concept in audio and visual generative art, has been released for iPad.

Aphonium is a magical and unique synthesis of audio and visual generative art - a personal muse. It is available now in the App Store for an introductory price of $6.99 (USD).

Aphonium has been designed for musicians and visual artists to help generate fresh ideas, or those wanting to chill out and relax while contemplating the universe. Aphonium continuously produces original music phrases and visual ideas, and aphonium never gets writers block.

Aphonium contains a sophisticated music generator and synthesizer with controllable music styles, key, bpm and scales. Instruments can be assigned to roles defined by the music style such as lead, bass or percussion.

“We’re really excited at Riada to have aphonium accepted into the first round of apps available for the opening of the iPad’s App Store. We see iPad as a game changer, and having an app like aphonium that really shows off the full potential of the iPad’s speed, audio and graphics is fantastic”, said Daniel Adair, CEO of Riada.

Stunningly beautiful, aphonium creates gorgeous animated graphics that squirm, pulsate, dance, grow, bump into each other and mimic life, exactly matching the music generated by the artificial intelligence engine.

Aphonium can even be used as an instrument. Play multiple notes and instruments at the same time, allowing aphonium to evolve the sequences into unique musical phrases. Or conduct the music by dragging and tapping your fingers. Control the tempo by tapping or swiping, all while creating wonderful shape trails.

The mood editor allows the creation of custom moods exactly like the built-in moods. Define palettes, backgrounds, shadows, transparency, shapes, music styles, scales, bpm, instruments and much more.

Device Requirements:

iPad running iPhone OS 3.2

Pricing and Availability:
Aphonium 1.0 is available now on the App Store in the Music category for $6.99 (USD). Promo codes will be made available to selected reviewers upon request.

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